About Kaynar Group

The Kaynar Group restaurant network has been present in the HoReCa market of Kyrgyzstan for more than 8 years and is the most bright and dynamically developing company offering a wide range of services in the catering sector.

The total number of realized own and joint projects exceeds 20. Since August 2016, a strategic decision has been made to capitalize own assets, optimize their management and refuse to take part in non-core activities.

As a result of the transformation at the moment the "Network" represents the following restaurants and projects: FRUNZE restaurant (www.frunzekg.kg), Tyubeteika resto-club (www.tubeteika.kg), Tyubeteika cafe, BalaLand children's town, Kaynar Banquet-Hall , Catering service Kaynar catering; Off premise catering services: FRUNZE restaurant, Tyubeteika resto-club and cafe; outsourcing - Barashek-Cholpon-Ata restaurant (Issyk-Kul); Jetigen children's camp - catering organization (Issyk-Kul). In August 2017, two additional projects were launched: ProKazan fast food restaurant and Grill House franchise restaurant. In September, a full-fledged ProKazan-Traditional Food restaurant of territorial cookery was opened.

At the end of 2017, three new projects are planned to be opened.

On locations, at all points without exception, the main emphasis is on meeting the high declared requirements for quality and service. Any negative comments in 95% of cases are decided on the spot.

FRUNZE restaurant, being a new and interesting object, needs a lesser amount of advertising support and the main emphasis is on carrying out activities to maintain the image of the institution and the loyalty of the guests. The format of the FRUNZE restaurant does not meet the concept of the art-restaurant in its full sense. The goal was to make a place for a comfortable pastime, to recreate the atmosphere of the old city, which was famous for talented townspeople, beautiful architectural buildings, historical places and that special culture. That is why science and knowledge are closely intertwined with art in the interior of the restaurant.

The lower hall Gallery is a place where creativity reigns. Impressive artists and their budding but talented colleagues exhibit their works here. Each month the exposition changes, and if desired, any guest can purchase the works of art they like. The very atmosphere of the Gallery disposes to conducting a variety of art shows. The hall is recognized as one of the best metropolitan areas of such kind.

The upper hall Library is an absolutely different world. However, the name speaks for itself. It is the kingdom of books, knowledge and appeasement. Guests are greeted with amazing piano sounds every evening. Here, anyone who comes can completely dissolve in an atmosphere of calm. It's nice that more and more often the Library becomes the place of the marriage proposal. Modern youth is changing, the values, so important for the older generation, are returning. FRUNZE is called a special restaurant for special events.

Target group: middle class+, wealthy class.

Kaynar banquet hall from the first days of opening was significantly different from the competitors available at that time, first of all by an unusual transformed hall.

There is no a single site with such technical equipment in the city. The hall is completely transformable for the needs of the customer, autonomous power supply, regular renovation of the interior and constant introduction of new dishes, everything is done to ensure that people relax in comfort without unnecessary trouble. On the basis of the banquet hall, the Kaynar catering service which can serve a field event of any complexity from 5 to 1000 people is organized. All of this allowed the first and at the moment the only one in the country to pass ISO certification. Only over the past two years, the number of our guests has become more than a million people.

Tyubeteika is one of the “first-borns”. At that time, 8 years ago, this project was very relevant, when on the basis of one institution you could taste both national and European cookery, spend pleasant time in the company of friends, relax in a comfortable club in the evening.

Now we have changed the concept. Now Tyubeteika is a territory of regional cookery. Here you will find various dishes that have proved themselves well for many years. In December of last year we opened Tyubeteika cafe on Gogol street, which became a worthy continuation of the "elder sister" deal. Conceptually, both institutions adhere to a unified policy. It is an ideal place for a business lunch or an unhasting meal in the afternoon. And in the evening there comes the atmosphere of romance and certain freedom. Dates and just rest after working day are appropriate here, one can dance and relax.

The main target group is the middle class, both established and aspiring. The direction of services - business lunches, banquets, a la carte.

In the spring of this year, on the basis of the basement of Tyubeteika Resto-club, the project BalaLand was launched, it from the first days caused genuine interest of the public due to an unusual format. The concept of the institution is to create a mini-town for children, on the territory of which young guests can try themselves in the role of various specialists: a doctor, a policeman, a fireman, a cook, a seller, etc. Specialized master classes and recreational activities are held on the territory of the complex. The coverage of the activities of BalaLand is carried out through Facebook. Motivational audio clips are in the rotation of radio stations. In summer time, a project was launched to attract additional flow by awarding restaurant guests with certificates for free admission to the town. Since September, a partner project with a network of hypermarkets in Bishkek for awarding customers with certificates has been launched.

During the events, public opinion leaders (as guests of events), journalists, prominent public figures are involved in the coverage of these events. Various kinds of activities, both of entertaining and social character,are carried out on the territory of restaurants to maintain the image.